New book “Data-Driven Computational Neuroscience” authored by Clisyne members Concha Bielza and Pedro Larrañaga

Dec 17, 2020News

Published by Cambridge University Press, the book facilitates the transformation of data into insights into the structure and functions of the brain. In-depth and comprehensive treatment of statistical and machine learning methods for neuroscience. Methods demonstrated through case studies of real problems to empower readers to build their own solutions. Cellular, structural, functional, medical and behavioral neuroscience levels are considered.

‘With admirable zeal, Bielza and Larrañaga have digested and summarized an entire field, the machine learning methods in computational neuroscience. The critical importance of computational tools to analyze neural data and decipher the neural code has been emphasized by the US and international BRAIN Initiatives and this book provides a sure and solid step in this direction.’ Rafael Yuste, Columbia University